Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Fire Station

We had an awesome time at the fire station today! We were able to tour the "bay" and even saw where the firefighters sleep when they are on call at night. We watched a video all about fire safety. We saw a lot of the gear that the firefighters use and wear. It was a wonderful morning!

Apple Science

Last week we took our knowledge of the scientific method and put it to work with a variety of apple science experiments. We began by labeling an apple. We took a cross-section of an apple and explored what we saw inside. We then created a big chart for our reference. Students then labeled their own apple to add to their science collection.

Then we learned about the lifecycle of an apple. We talked about how a cycle goes on and on forever. We also said that all living things have a lifecycle. We made then made those fantastic hats that came home last week. 

We have been using a wonderful site called Mystery Science. Mystery Doug helps us discover lots of awesome things about science world around us by framing the question into a mystery. We watched a mystery about why apples are different colors. We learned that farmers use selection when they are planting. They select which apples they like the best and those apple trees enter the lifecycle making more trees and fruits just like it. 

This activity led us right into our taste test. This awesome science activity had us drooling! We tasted a red delicious, golden delicious, and granny smith. The scientists went around and surveyed the class asking their favorite apple after we sampled. Then we graphed our results. 

The last apple science we did was all about the question: "Will an apple sink or float?" We followed the scientific method very closely as we did this experiment as a whole class. We were very surprised to find out that apples float! 

A Special Guest

On Friday my sister, Ms. Jessica Aceto, visited our class for a volunteering day. She spent the day helping us with our apple science and playing at choice time. She also unsuspectingly read one of our favorite books, The Book With No Pictures. This hilarious book had us rolling (literally) on the floor! Thank you Ms. Aceto; we hope you can come back again.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cosmic Yoga

Sometimes we have indoor recess and that means we can check out one of my favorite movement activities, Cosmic Yoga! Jamie, our yoga instructor, comes to us via her website. She has awesome stories that go along with the movements. Check her out at home for a great rainy day activity.


Scientists Visit

We feel so fortunate to have scientists in our lives that share their passion and knowledge with us! Lisa Kerr, Alex's mom and a marine scientist, came in and brought with her all of her gear, real fish, and a presentation on what is happening in the Gulf of Maine. We could look for seals, sharks, squid, and more! It was an amazing, hands-on experience where the students were interested and inspired! Then we met Abby Wark, Shaw's aunt and a neuroscientist. Abby Skyped with us from her laboratory at Harvard University. Abby showed us seahorse skeletons and talked about genes. She also told us that she was interested in science as a little kid exploring and taking things apart! We are so grateful for these visits and for making science real, relatable, and fun!

Getting dressed like a marine scientist. 

Touching and exploring fish samples. 

Abby coming to us live from her laboratory. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Amazing Nameplates

We are so lucky to have the talent of one very awesome Nini, Shaw's grandmother! She creates gorgeous, themed nameplates for each student in our class! This time they are all themed for Halloween! Your child will take his/her's home at the end of the month. Thank you Nini!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Exploring Science Tools

On Thursday we explored all our amazing science tools that we will use throughout the year. Students explored a dropper/pipette, microscopes, magnifying glasses, tweezers, and a balance scale. Students were incredible as they practiced using the tools responsibly and efficiently! The pictures are priceless.