Thursday, February 15, 2018

100-Tine's Day!

It is hard to believe that we just crossed 100 days of kindergarten! These amazing learners continue to surprise and amaze me with their thirst for knowledge and love of learning. Our 100-Tine's Celebration (which has really lasted all week) truly combined the creativity, collaboration, and independence that we have been exhibiting all year.

We made predictions of where 100 steps would be from our door step. 

100 Days Smarter/Sillier! 

Mrs. Butterworth stopped by to show off her awesome new shirt! 

We created projects using the numbers in 100. You couldn't cut the numbers and you had to use all three! The ideas were super creativity! 

 I would like 100.... I would not like 100...
Thank you Ms. Kerr for volunteering and providing the cups for our day! 

Then the 100th Day gave way to our Friendship Celebration! 

Special delivery! 

You could hear a chorus of "thank yous" across the room as we viewed our generous Valentines! It was an awesome day had by all. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Writing Celebration

We have been hard at work on our How-To writing unit. We would love to share our work with you on 
Friday, February 16th at 2:00!

We hope to see you then!

Digital How-Tos

This week we committed ourselves to a week long project combining our How-To writing unit and 30 Hands, an app on the iPad. On Monday we paired up and chose a school based how-to. We then created a materials list of all the things we would need to complete the how-to. On Tuesday we drafted the steps needed to complete the how-to. We wrote this as partners. This really put our collaboration skills to the test. On Wednesday we began the acting portion. One of the pair was the actor while the other was the photographer. The students acted out each part of their how-to! It was truly amazing!! On Thursday we recorded our voices to tell what happens first, next, then and last. We also incorporated our new learning about how-tos. We thought it would be important to use tips and warnings for people who have never done these tasks before. On Friday we added labels that teach to our projects. 

I wish I could adequately describe this experience! It was truly one of my teaching career highlights. I have never done this type of project with my kiddos before and I am blown away!! This would not have been possible without the helpful and committed hands on Mika Reynolds and Tom Charltray! We are beyond grateful!! 

2D Shapes

During February we have been working on 2D (dimensional) shapes. We learned that 2D shapes "lay flat" because they only have length and height. You can't pick them up. Earlier in February we studied  a shape a day (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, and hexagon). We searched for the shape in magazines which we learned are all 3D. We then created posters to help guide us through the rest of the unit. 

We then transitioned into a conversation about symmetry. Symmetry means that when an object is folded in half it is the exact same on both sides. We discussed that all the 2D shapes we learned about are symmetrical! We then blew our minds by creating symmetrical hearts that are both math related and festive!

The following day we put our 2D shapes and symmetry learning to the test! We read a book all about snowflakes. We learned that snowflakes are symmetrical! They are also quite intricate. We then created our own snowflakes using our five 2D shapes. The trick was that we had to make them symmetrical! These mathematicians knocked my socks off!

In March we will begin our 3D shapes unit. To transition to that unit Mr. Charltray came down with "Flash" the 3D printer. He talked to us about the third dimension, depth! We learned that 3D means you can hold the object in your hands. Next month we will dive into one of my favorite math units!

"Flash" in action.

Mr. Charltray in action! 

Our faces say it all! 

Getting a closer look.