Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Disguise a Turkey -- Family Project!

Gobble, gobble! 'Tis the season to celebrate all things turkey! On Wednesday your child will be coming home with the attached family project. Have fun with it, get creative and don't stress! We will be reading Turkey Trouble to help get us thinking. Let me know if you need any help. 

Halloween Crafting

We were so lucky to have five parents volunteer their time, talent, and enthusiasm with us on Friday as celebrated Halloween! The crafts were amazing and kiddos (and me) had a wonderful time. Thank you to Mika, Eliza, Erica, Jodi, and Joy for your awesome work and help! 


Pumpkin Science

One of my favorite times of year is the fall! I love all the possibilities of this thematic time of year. Pumpkin science being one of the best! During our pumpkin unit we learned about the life cycle of the pumpkin. It opened up a whole dialogue about which came first the pumpkin or the seed? Quite the age old question! Then we learned about the different parts of the pumpkin and labeled like scientists.

We then moved into some really awesome math. We learned about circumference (the distance around) our pumpkin. We made hypotheses and then measured exactly. I was amazed that three friends estimated exactly! That has never happened in my years of teaching pumpkin science. I am quite impressed with out mathematicians.

Once we discovered the circumference we estimated the height of the pumpkin using unifix cubes. Students observed the pumpkin them made a cube tower of how tall they believed the pumpkin to be. We then measured exactly.

Finally we cut open the big pumpkin! Inside we found the pulp, seeds, and flesh we had learned so much about. We also found the the rind was incredibly thick and hard to cut through. We then reached in to dissect the pumpkin. We used our best describing words to tell how the pulp felt; slimey, ooey, sticky, yucky were many of the adjectives used!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Read to Someone

As a part of our Daily Five literacy centers we do a "Read to Someone" choice. Because we have worked so hard to build on Read to Self stamina it was time to start reading to someone! The kiddos were so excited to share their books and love of reading with a partner. I was so impressed by the way students read books in three ways and participated appropriately and independently! We are one rocking group of readers. 

Book Buddies Begins

Last Friday we met with our third grade book buddies from Mrs. Kate Zeller's class. Each month we will meet with our buddies and do a variety of activities. Mrs. Zeller's and I come from a like minded philosophy of applicable, hands-on learning and we are excited to collaborate to bring learning to life for our buddies! 

Speech Fun with Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis came in this week to continue our work on sounds. This week he brought Mr. Potato head with a mouth, teeth, and tongue. We were focusing on where sounds are created in our mouth. Sometimes we only use our lips (like with /m/) and other times we use our tongue and teeth (like with /t/ or /f/). Without using the written letter students were focused on where the sound was coming from in their mouth. Students sorted by sound and really focused on the /r/ sound which can be challenging for some Maine"ah"s. Mr. Davis recommends that we try to smile while saying /r/ because it draws our lips and tongue back where they need to be. We look forward to more speech classes with Mr. Davis monthly.