Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Vowel Bat

This week we have been working very hard on Stretchy Snake -- our newest reading strategy. This strategy is also very helpful with writing. One major component of stretching out words is to have a strong grasp on our short vowel sounds. Here is a catchy song we have been using to help lock in these tricky sounds. 

A Place for Place Value

One of our math standards for kindergarten is to "work with numbers 11-19 to gain a foundation of place value".  We have been hard at work composing and decomposing numbers from 11 to 19 into ten ones and some further ones by using objects, drawings, and games. Students have been working to show that they understand that the "1" in a teen numbers actually means 1 group of 10. I find this unit to be a challenging one because the concept is quite abstract. It is helpful to see how some students are really connecting to teen numbers and it is helping greatly with recall and number sense. We also have a great video that helps us as well. 

Here we are choosing different options to practice this new math goal.

Place value match

Plus 10 Bump

Place value rings

Place value puzzles

Problem Solving with Kelso

In guidance for the next couple of weeks we will be focused on being problem solvers using Kelso's Choices. Kelso is an expert problem solver who gives students a variety of ways to solve small problems. If you would like to learn more about Kelso and how you can incorporate these strategies at home please visit the parent resource page

Author Study: Jan Brett

Last week we focused our attention to the famous author/illustrator Jan Brett. We discussed how she is from New England (Massachusetts) and that she travels the world looking for inspiration for her books. We read The Mitten and did a large retelling on this story. If you are not familiar with the story your kindergartener definite will be able to help!

We used mittens as our muse this week. Students learned how to describe a mitten in detail so that if the mitten were missing someone could easily find it. We turned this writing into a mystery book that is now in our class library. We tried to find the mitten the student described in our bag of mittens.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

January Lunch Menu

Looking for an inside activity...?

Vacation craziness settling in? Never fear! Cosmic Kids Yoga is both a wonderful activity in mindfulness but it is great to get those stir-crazy bodies moving! We have done a bunch and the kiddos love them. Jamie, the instructor, tells wonderful stories while kiddos move and stretch throughout. Check them all out (especially those 40 minutes ones for exceptionally long days). Below is the holiday video for a quick preview! 

We Light Up For You!

As the holidays approach and we conclude the first half of our kindergarten school year, I wanted to express my gratitude to each and every one of you! This has been an exciting beginning of the year thanks to your family's support and kindness. What we do in our classroom each day would not be possible if not for your love and commitment! 

Below you will find the gorgeous pictures we took for our holiday cards. I hope you find them as beautiful as I do. Wishing you all a blessed and relaxing transition into 2018.