Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Social Action Projects

As many of you know already we spent the month of May focused on social action through our persuasion unit of writing. It is hard to imagine kindergarten aged students really taking a stand on global issues, but these students were absolutely amazing! After weeks of discussing persuasion at a surface level (pets, etc) we tackled issues much greater than us but will continue to effect our future. From group writing and brainstorming, to editing scripts, to practice reading fluency, to the editing of our green screen videos this experience is one for the books! Thank you to Mr. Charltray for helping my vision come to life in a real way and making this a truly memorable experience!

The Baby Chicks

What an amazing experience it was hatching the baby chicks! The real world science in action was an irreplaceable learning opportunity! The kiddos were magnificent care givers and the chicks are now happily living back at Alewive's Farm!