Friday, January 27, 2017

2D Shapes

While most of kindergartners recognize the five shapes required, we started to look at shapes in a new way. We unpacked what it means to be 2D (2 dimensional). We said that 2D means it lays flat -- you can't pick it up or hold it. We used that to help guide us through a shape hunt through magazines (thank you to those who contributed). We made four posters for square, rectangle, triangle, and circle. Students hunted through magazines to find an example of each 2D shape. We also discussed what 1D means -- it is just a line! But without a line, we wouldn't have any shapes at all. 

On Thursday we read the book Shape Capers and created our own class book. We used the words: 
"A (shape) is just a (shape). When you add (______) then it is a (________). " The creativity flowed as we created our own creations out of shapes! We had rocket ships, snowmen, houses. The class book now adds a lot of excitement to our library. 

On Friday we explored the trickiest of all, the hexagon! Students played a game called "fill the hexagon" with a partner. We also made a poster detailing what we know about what makes a hexagon a hexagon. 

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