Friday, January 27, 2017

Author Study: Jan Brett

This week we focused our attention to the famous author/illustrator Jan Brett. We discussed how she is from New England (Massachusetts) and that she travels the world looking for inspiration for her books. We read The Mitten and did a large retelling on this story. If you are not familiar with the story your kindergartener definite will be able to help! 

We used mittens as our muse this week. Students learned how to describe a mitten in detail so that if the mitten were missing someone could easily find it. We turned this writing into a mystery book that is now in our class library. We tried to find the mitten the student described in our bag of mittens. 

Through the week we read different Jan Brett books, observing her detailed illustrations and borders. The students were so enthusiastic about the details in both the words and the pictures. On Friday we read The Hat. This book has a lot of similarities to the The Mitten and a lot of differences. We created a venn-diagram to help us outline the comparison. I was incredibly impressed by the observations the students made! We then watched a "how-to" video by Jan Brett herself. She was teaching us how-to draw a hedgehog like her character, Hedgie! We then did our very own Hedgie by following the how-to steps/directions. It was a challenge for many spatially but the final product turned out awesome thanks to fork painting! 

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