Friday, January 13, 2017

Launching How-To Writing

This week we began our brand new writing unit, How-To. This is an explanatory style writing where students are writing to teach. Our writers were psyched to start a new style of writing. To begin we explored a fiction book about a dinosaur and a book about how-to draw a dinosaur. We used a venn diagram to compare/contrast the two texts. We then explored how-to books on our own and then with a partner. We found that all how-to books have certain components:

1. Tells what to do in steps.
2. Number the steps.
3. Has a picture for each step. 

The next day we brainstormed a list of things we know how-to do. Students came up with some great ideas that they consider themselves experts on and could teach someone. We then selected one idea that we can all do; hand washing. We started a class piece to get the hang of how-to writing. Our writers were amazing! We did the first step together and then they were off on their own! 

On Thursday we brainstormed our own personal anchor chart to keep in our writing folders so that we always have some ideas handy. We brainstormed things we know how to make, do, and play. We chose an idea that we will use as our first piece on Tuesday! The enthusiasm for this unit is fantastic! I am so excited to see what is produced!

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