Friday, January 13, 2017

Martin Luther King Jr. -- Kindness Matters

This week we spent a great deal of time reading and learning about Martin Luther King Jr. Through a variety of mentor texts we read about this historical figure in American history and his importance for creating fair and equal treatment of all people. We also talked about how he always led with love and kindness above all else.

On Friday we used our Scholastic Let's Find Out to talk about similarities and differences. We also listened to parts of MLK's "I have a dream" speech. The students were in awe of his powerful speaking and the black and white video. Then, through a science experiment, we explored how people may look different on the outside the inside is the same. We used eggs as our tools. With one brown egg and one white egg partners examined the eggs and recorded their observations. We then cracked the eggs open to find that the insides (although slight different shades of yellow) included the same things! We then equated that back to people. Just because we are all different, we are made of the same thing.

We also watched this video by Kid President (click the link for the video) about Martin Luther King Jr. Kid President is the greatest and a relative of MLK! 

We then did a great guided drawing of Martin Luther King Jr. and wrote our own dreams just like MLK. These will be showcased in the kindergarten hallway for all the enjoy! 

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